Thunderbolts Director Claims the Movie to Have a “Different” Approach to the MCU

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By Scarlet Witch

Marvel’s upcoming movie Thunderbolts is creating a great buzz, and it is much anticipated by the fans. The director of the movie Jake Schreier says the movie has taken a completely different approach in the aspect of the making of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. In an interview with Collider, Jake Schreier brought up a characteristic of the movie that is very unique. Jake Schreier emphasized that Thunderbolts took a fresh approach to storytelling for Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. He pointed out that while the characters might have appeared previously on the screen, the upcoming story is not a sequel but rather a novel narrative. This new perspective, according to Schreier, holds unexpected and exciting elements, offering a rewarding challenge for the team at Marvel Studios.

More Details About the Thunderbolts

Marvel's upcoming movie Thunderbolts

Though the director of the movie Jake Schreier has cleared that the movie is not a sequel it is a bit contradictory to what the Marvel Studios Director of Visual Development, Andy Park has to say. In an Instagram post, Andy Park stated that the movie will be serving as a sequel to Black Widow, 1 2021 Marvel movie.

The actor who played Red Guardian, David Harbour, also agrees with the director’s comment about the uniqueness of the movie. He praised the script and Marvel’s innovative approach, mentioning that the film stands out due to its unique team dynamics and narrative style.

In other news, Thunderbolts is rumored to incorporate Adamantium as a plot element to potentially introduce the X-Men, although the official team of Marvel hasn’t confirmed this. There’s also speculation that Steve Yeun might portray the Sentry, but this remains unverified.

Production for Thunderbolts has been postponed due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike. Marvel intends to resume filming once the strike concludes, but the strike’s duration remains uncertain. The movie is scheduled to hit the theaters on December 20, 2024.