Tom Hiddleston AKA Loki And His Hidden Talents

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By FilMonger

Tom Hiddleston is a talented, talented man. This won’t come as a shock to many. But Hiddleston’s talents go far beyond the normal bounds of the stage and screen. As everybody’s favourite trickster god turns 33, TCE takes a look back at just a few of his key skills. 

Besides starring as the most attractive villain in recent memory, Hiddleston is an unofficial king of Tumblr, where fangirls gush over his real-life chivalry, and one particular scene in Thor.

Still, even the most handsome actors can run into dry spells. Luckily Mr. Hiddleston has cultivated a variety of skills he can use to keep himself employed even if he isn’t in front of a camera.

He’s the charmin and talented British actor who has appeared in everything from the blockbuster Marvel Cinematic Universe to the bizzaro indie world of Ben Wheatley’s High-Rise.

Tom Hiddleston rose to international fame as the debonair but fiercely principled Jonathan Pine in the television adaptation of The Night Manager.

He also has quite the online following, and is known for his great Twitter commentary. Oh, and he’s also a great impersonator and dancer. There seems to be nothing Hiddleston can’t do! 

Although he was initially ambitious to play the role of Thor, it was a stroke of good fortune that Hiddleston’s role was changed to Loki in the films. The actor excelled at playing the complex villain, and people took notice.

When Hiddleston attended Cambridge University in England, he played rugby. He gave up the sport in order to pursue his passion of acting—he might have got too bruised for those close ups!