Tom Hiddleston Facts That He Might Not Want You To Know

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By FilMonger

The life of a celebrity is often seen as glamourous and blessed, as though it’s filled with nothing but success, red carpets, and champagne. Media exposure can be exhausting for celebs who want to enjoy a little privacy during their downtime.

Despite their short time together, the duo earned the infamous nickname, ‘Hiddleswift’. While things didn’t work out for the two, both are careful not to speak ill of one another…however, Tom probably wants to move past the Swift talk.

Tom Hiddleston has been lucky in his career, but not so much in love. Despite being in his late thirties, an age when most people begin to think about settling down and having children, Tom hasn’t had a notable long-term relationship that the public has been aware of. Not for quite some time, anyway.

Loki wants to be praised like his brother, Thor. It turns out that Tom also wanted to be more like the God of Thunder – he even bulked up to audition for that part. However the film’s casting team realized that they had found their perfect Loki in Hiddleston.

Rugby is known as a rough-and-tumble sport, to say the least. When he attended Cambridge University, Tom was on the rugby team. He later stopped playing the sport so he could focus on acting. This was probably for the best, as the bruises and bumps from the game may have hurt his handsome face.

It turns out Tom has talents beyond acting and is quite the chef.Well, if his career takes a wrong turn, maybe he can start a cooking show.

When Hiddleston became famous for his ‘bad boy’ performance as Loki, he decided to cash in on his negative persona. Hiddleston joined other famous English actors like Mark Strong and Ben Kingsley to star in a Jaguar ad series entitled, “Good to be Bad”. The commercial was banned from airing on English TV after parenting groups protested that the series glorified dangerous driving practices.