Tom Holland And Zendaya’s Cutest Moments Ever

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By FilMonger

The most enjoyable times Zendaya and Tom Holland have ever shared. It goes without saying that the duo is really entertaining when they are together, so in this video we will watch some of their most hilarious interactions, and I’ll also give you some background on Zendaya and Tom’s alleged romance and undeniable friendship.

Zendaya and Tom Holland quietly started to appear on each other’s Instagram accounts in July 2016, following their casting as Spider-Man actors. The two were first spotted in July 2016 when Holland tweeted a picture of them swimming in the pool along with another friend and labeled it “Summer Sundays.”

In November 2016: Zendaya shared their joint Hollywood Reporter cover in November of that year.

Later that month, she expressed her admiration for Holland once more by releasing a video of their trip to a children’s hospital in New York.

She tweeted, tagging Holland, “I think we have the world’s best real-life Spider-Man…an absolutely gorgeous day at @nyphospital with two of my favorite people.”

May 2017: The co-stars continued to go to high-profile events together in May 2017, and they presented at the MTV Movie and TV Awards together.

They started their press tour in June 2017. All summer long, the two stood on red carpets together, occasionally flaunting an arm around the other.

June 2018: To wish Holland a happy birthday, Zendaya released a video of him having fun with a lightsaber the following month. The video’s caption read: “Happy birthday, loser.”

In June 2019, Holland again refutes the dating speculation around Zendaya. In an interview with ELLE, the actor claims that he is unmarried and not romantically involved with anyone, thus Zendaya is not the object of his affection. He acknowledges that he is undoubtedly a relationship person. I’m definitely not the ephemeral type; it’s not how I live. He claims to be contentedly devoting his entire attention to his work.

Zendaya and Tom Holland, who co-starred in Spider-Man: Homecoming and far from home, have yet to formally declare their relationship, but if the Internet is to be believed at all, the two are certainly more than just coworkers.