Tom Holland Being A Meme

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By FilMonger

Many fans love Tom Holland as Spider-Man, which has resulted in fans creating several hilarious memes of the character.

There will always be an ongoing debate on which actor portrayed Spider-Man the best. But for now, Tom Holland is wearing the Spidey suit quite well in the MCU. The actor brings a certain boyish charm to the role that fans adore

Holland as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man has made for some comical memes that fans can’t help but laugh at. It also helps that Holland was given the title of a “meme-able face.”

Even though Peter web slings around New York City, defeating evil foes and saving the world from Thanos, he is still an awkward teenager. He is a bit shy around the ladies, but it seems as though he can’t take a good photo no matter how hard he tries.

The behind-the-scenes gag reels of the MCU films are just as good as the films themselves. Holland, much like the rest of the cast, is a complete goofball on set. His meme-able face during a gag reel of Spider-Man: Homecoming was the perfect start for a meme.

Tom Holland fans or “Hollanders” couldn’t contain their excitement when he appeared on Lip Sync Battle. A meme had to be made. The meme implies that an Avenger needs to distract Thanos (Josh Brolin) long enough to execute their plan. Peter has the perfect solution.