Tom Holland Funny Tiktok Videos

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By FilMonger

There are tons of celebrities on TikTok who are absolutely crushing it on the social media platform when they aren’t filming hundred-million-dollar blockbuster movies and earning worldwide fame and recognition.

There are tons of people who love using TikTok and would love to see their favorite movie stars on it, which is why people are wondering if Tom Holland is on the platform.

While Will Smith and Nick Jonas many others all have TikTok accounts and post regularly to them, you won’t find an official Tom Holland one on the list that he actively uses. The 24-year-old is probably the perfect demographic when it comes to age bracket for TikTok

He’s so popular that someone just created a @tom.holland1996 TikTok account without any videos and just a photo of the young actor and it has 11,000 followers.

There are plenty of fan accounts dedicated to the actor that have amassed thousands of followers, which has led people to question whether or not one of these accounts is actually real.

People are not sure if it is really him, as the content seems so realistic and impossible for a fan to be able to create.

Some fans have even been using livestream content that Tom has done in the past to create their TikToks, making the accounts seem more real.

Perhaps the best part about these Tom Holland TikTok accounts aren’t the videos themselves, but the comments from fans trying to decipher whether or not the accounts are actually Holland.