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We often talk about celebrities and other athletes that have a love for golf and are around the game often. But this celebrity golfer is special because he may be the highest rising actor in the country.

That’s right, your friendly neighborhood Spiderman could be coming to your local golf course soon. In a recent interview, popular Spiderman actor Tom Holland revealed that he’s a huge fan of the game of golf.

Tom Holland loves golf. He thinks about it constantly. He plays rounds on public courses and on courses that used to be the exclusive province of kings. He plays while on movie press tours in Asia and Europe and the United States.

If he’s not currently playing golf, there is almost always some part of his mind that is just anticipating the next time he’ll be able to. 

It might surprise some people that someone as big as Holland and as young as him would be interested in the game of golf but it honestly makes a lot of sense. It makes even more sense when you take into account what Baron wrote about how the calm, serene hobby of golf really meshes with Holland’s preferred personality of staying out of the limelight.

When Tom Holland is done with his day job of saving the world, Holland will jump onto the golfing scene radar.

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