Tom Holland Sharing MAJOR Marvel Spoilers 不

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By Tony Stark

Spiderman No Way Home is the prize vault that all internet sleuths want to crack. Behind the proverbial guarded threshold are all the answers to our theories, hypotheses, and questions. Master bank robbers know that there’s more than one way to crack the code. One of those methods is finding an insider and making them spill the beans. Historically, Tom Holland is the insider who regularly spills Marvel’s beans. He’s making an extra effort with Spiderman No Way Home by not even talking about future Spiderman plans. We here at FilMonger looked back at some of Tom’s funniest MCU spoilers for your entertainment.

Spiderman Heads to Space 

During an interview on Jimmy Kimel’s late show, Tom explained how he knows little to nothing about Avengers Infinity War. Clearly, Tom knew enough to keep the other MCU actors and actresses on the edge of their seats. Tom Holland talks about getting bits of information, including that Spiderman heading for intergalactic travel. This bit of information was a massive spoiler since no trailers at that time had shown anything of that nature. You can see the eyes of Robert Downey Jr. and Pom Klementieff widen. Robert Downey Jr. immediately turns the conversation as Tom Holland realizes his epic gaff. 

“I’m Alive!” Oh, Wait You Haven’t Seen The Movie? 

During an early screening of Avengers Endgame, Tom Holland made a surprise appearance. Unfortunately, Tom got on the microphone, and everything went downhill from there. He exclaims to the crowd, “I’m alive!” and the crowd’s reaction was gasps and confusion. Realizing what he had done, Tom buried a deeper grave by saying, “Wait, you haven’t seen the movie?” This single statement confirmed that Thanos snapped heroes would be returning in Avengers Endgame. What a spoiler! 

If you like spoilers like the ones above, then you’ll love the video below! Spiderman No Way Home comes out on December 17th, 2021.