Tom Holland Speaking 7 Different Languages

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By FilMonger

Audiences across the world have come to know and love Tom Holland thanks to his portrayal of one of the MCU’s most popular heroes: Peter Parker, better known as the Amazing Spider-Man. 

Though the role had been brought to the silver screen before by other fine actors, Holland is particularly suited for the part thanks to quick wit, natural agility, and, of course, one tireless workout regimen.

Ever since becoming an international superstar, Holland has continued to charm audiences with his friendly demeanor and on-screen talents. But there’s one thing about him that does seem to surprise fans whenever he’s appearing as himself.

His ultra-convincing American accent is not real, and Holland’s natural dialect is actually British. It’s true: Holland has revealed that during many encounters with fans, he has been met with utter shock over the sound of his original accent.

 What might be even more surprising to fans is that, over the years, Holland has been steadily developing a solid pronunciation portfolio and has already mastered several different dialects on-screen. Here’s a look at just how impressive Tom Holland’s accent game really is.

Tom Holland got his start in show business at the tender age of 12, starring in the West End production of Billy Elliot the Musical. Back then, it was the language of dance that Holland perfected for his adoring audiences.

Holland has such a strong grip on his accent that viewers can forget he’s even putting it on and sink right into the power of what he is saying — and, of course, what he is also going to do about it.