Tom Holland Speaks About Robert Downey Jr. in an Interview with Buzzfeed

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By Aquaman

Whether as a mentor or as a good friend, the relationship Tom Holland has with Robert Downey Jr. is nothing short than a bromance. Recently, Tom Holland has mentioned the Ironman in an interview with Buzzfeed.

Here’s everything you need to know Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland’s bromance:

Tom Holland And Robert Downey Jr. Are Set To Re-unite But Not In MCU

If you didn’t know, Tom’s Peter Parker was chosen to be Spider-Man in the Avengers in the MCU by Robert’s Tony Stark.

Since their relationship was so well-examined in the films, they built a fan base for themselves for the whole time they performed the characters. Together, they created two tragic sequences that is still extremely vivid in the fans’ minds.

The newest claims indicate they are actually reuniting, but not for a Marvel movie. There were several rumors about them coming back together in the MCU. Even fans were manifesting it for the longest. And it is finally happening. Yes, you did read that right. The two will collaborate for the criminal drama “Play Dirty.”

Play Dirty is based on the late Donald E. Westlake’s Parker novel series. It is reportedly preparing to welcome Tom Holland to the cast, joining Robert Downey Jr., who has already been cast in the starring role. The film forces its protagonists to kill and commit crimes without even the slightest trace of remorse.

Tom Speaks About Robert In An Interview With Buzzfeed

Tom returns to Buzzfeed for another interview where the actor promptly pointed out that the puppies were missing. As charming as our Spiderman was, the actor proceeded to answer some of the questions.

Upon asking who would Tom Holland would be stranded in an island with, the actor didn’t waste a single second to mention Robert Downey Jr.

And there was a simple yet fun explanation to it as he mentioned Ironman’s abilities to craft and design gadgets that will help the Spiderman and Ironman not only survive but thrive in the situation.