Top “Action-Packed” Superhero Shows Streaming on Netflix Right Now

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By Black Widow

Netflix offers a diverse array of superhero content, featuring action, drama, and compelling characters that inspire and entertain audiences.

While Marvel and DC dominate the genre, Netflix has its share of fantastic superhero TV shows, both from the big two and as standalone series. Here are some of the best superhero shows available to stream on Netflix.

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow: A Subversive and Thrilling Adventure

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow stands out as a subversive and entertaining superhero show from the Arrowverse. Time Master Rip Hunter assembles a unique team of superheroes and villains to save the world. With alternate dimensions, time travel, and quirky characters like Constantine, this show offers a freewheeling superhero experience like no other.

The Umbrella Academy: An Enthralling Tale of Gifted Children

Based on Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s comics, The Umbrella Academy centers around a dysfunctional family of gifted children with superpowers. United by the responsibility of saving the world from the apocalypse, the show captivates with its wonderful performances and intriguing plotlines.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: A Nostalgic Journey

For a trip down memory lane, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers presents the original Power Rangers story, blending action and cool superhero suits. Handpicked teens trained to combat evil sorceress Rita Repulsa fight heroically in this imaginative Californian town.

I Am Not Okay With This: A Unique Coming-of-Age Superhero Story

I Am Not Okay With This offers a fresh take on the superhero genre as it follows seventeen-year-old Sydney’s journey. Dealing with adolescence, mental illness, and newfound telekinetic powers, the show provides a captivating and engaging experience.

Supergirl: A Compelling Twist on the Superman Story

Shifting the focus to Superman’s cousin, Supergirl follows Kara Zor-El, who embraces her superhero identity. With a solid lead performance by Melissa Benoist, the show offers a smart, funny, and entertaining watch.

Arrow: An Action-Packed Green Arrow Adaptation

Inspired by DC’s Green Arrow character, Arrow brings Oliver Queen back home to save his city from corruption. With incredible hand-to-hand action and a thrilling storyline, Arrow becomes a standout show in the Arrowverse.

Netflix provides a treasure trove of superhero shows that cater to various tastes and preferences. From action-packed adventures to emotionally charged coming-of-age stories, these series are sure to deliver an enjoyable and empowering viewing experience.