Travis Scott Wishes to Collaborate With 1 MCU Phase 5 Movie

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By Bruce Wayne

Travis Scott, the acclaimed hip-hop artist known for chart-toppers like SICKO MODE and albums such as ASTROWORLD and UTOPIA, has set his sights on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 5. The artist, who currently ranks as the 12th most-streamed on Spotify with a monthly audience of 68.5 million, has previously lent his talents to Hollywood soundtracks for films like Black Panther, Tenet, and Game of Thrones. Now, he’s eyeing a collaboration with Marvel Studios for an upcoming movie soundtrack.

Travis Scott’s Aspirations for the Blade Soundtrack

In a post on the social platform X (formerly Twitter), Travis Scott expressed his desire to work with Marvel Studios on the soundtrack for the highly anticipated Blade reboot. The film, set to star Mahershala Ali, is slated for a theatrical release on February 14, 2025. Scott’s tweet read, “Woke up thinking I would love to do the soundtrack to ‘Blade.'”

This isn’t Scott’s first brush with Marvel; he previously collaborated with the studio on the album for Black Panther, contributing to the track Big Shot alongside the soundtrack’s curator, Kendrick Lamar. The Black Panther franchise is renowned for its star-studded soundtracks, featuring artists like Scott, Lamar, Rihanna, Khalid, Future, The Weeknd, SZA, and more.

Challenges and Possibilities

Travis Scott faced significant controversy in 2021 following his Astroworld music festival, where tragic incidents led to injuries and fatalities. Despite this controversy, his potential reunion with Marvel Studios for another movie soundtrack remains a possibility. His prior collaboration with Lamar showcases his connection to the studio, and his influence in the music industry could help turn this aspiration into reality.

If Scott were to secure a collaboration for Blade in MCU Phase 5, he might follow Lamar’s footsteps by assembling a formidable team of singers, rappers, and producers to craft an album for the film’s 2025 release. While Marvel Studios has been selective in producing original soundtracks, the significance of Blade, featuring a Black lead, could increase the likelihood of such a project.

However, it’s essential to recognize that Scott’s hopes for the Blade soundtrack are currently speculative, and no official announcement has been made. Fans may need to exercise patience as they await updates on this intriguing prospect.

Travis Scott‘s interest in contributing to the Blade soundtrack adds a layer of excitement to the anticipation surrounding the film’s release on February 14, 2025. While the path to realization remains uncertain, the possibility of Scott’s involvement promises the potential for a stellar soundtrack that could match the legacy of Black Panther’s musical offerings. As time unfolds, fans will eagerly await further developments on this front.