What If Episode 8 Ultron Breaks the Multiverse!?

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By Tony Stark

Crimson madness-filled eyes will pierce the depths of your soul in episode 8 of Marvel’s “What If…” series. Vision is the Oreo cookie of the Avengers. A consistent and delightful experience that’s always there for you. Not as gooey as a Captain America chocolate chip or as disappointing as a Captain Marvel oatmeal raisin. Now imagine someone deep fried that Oreo and sprinkled ghost pepper flakes on top. That’s the version of Vision, or should I say Ultron, that we get in this episode. Episode 7 left us with a massive cliffhanger seeing an infinity stone-powered Ultron wielding the synthetic body of Vision. That terrifying deep-fried ghost pepper-laced Oreo cookie laid waste to the multiverse in episode 8. 

Infinity Stone Ultron Destroys His Universe

The episode shows us a glimpse of Tony’s “armor around the world” coming to complete fruition. Ultron gaining the body of Vision enables him to access nuclear codes, ultimately eradicating all of Earth. The only souls left are Black Widow and robot arm-wielding Hawkeye. After the dust settles, Ultron isn’t satisfied with only destroying Earth. He acquires the infinity stones after zapping Thanos in half and shifts his efforts to the entire universe. Blowing up Asgard, Ego, and everything else, he believes he’s found true peace. 

Ultron Becomes Aware of the Watcher and the Multiverse

With all that cosmic power, Ultron begins to hear the voice of the Watcher. This mysterious interdimensional voice piques his interest, and he begins to pursue its source. Eventually, he breaks through the multiverse barrier and finds the Watcher. This meeting of two ultimate beings leads to the most epic multidimensional clash ever seen in the MCU. From Ultron punching the Watcher through dimensions to eating entire galaxies, the battle between Ultron and the Watcher didn’t disappoint. 

The Watcher Must Break His One Rule

Ultron proves to be far too powerful, and the Watcher retreats in defeat. Realizing the implications of an all-powerful Ultron, the Watcher decides to break his one sacred rule. To our surprise, the Watcher has made an unlikely friend, condemned Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange. He mulls over the decision with him and concludes that it’s his only option. This decision leads us to our first continuation in the Marvel “What If…” series, and I can’t wait to see the finale. 

I loved this episode from start to finish. Between the universal destruction, multidimensional skirmishes, and cosmic entanglements, this episode will keep you on the edge of your seat begging for more. No worries! More is coming as Marvel’s “What If…” series wraps up with what will be a multidimensional spectacle. 

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