“You” Season 5: Who Will Star, What Will Happen, When Will It Air, and Other Information

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By Aquaman

The one of a kind psychological thriller “You” finally done the television premiere in 2018. It is after firstly airing on the cable network lifetime. It is no wonder why it did not take much for the audience to get engaged with the character Joe Goldberg.

"You" Season 5

This psychological thriller show went to Netflix as watching numbers rose and a second season was already in the works, where it soon attracted a large international audience. And now we have four big seasons of “You”, and you can be sure that each one of is better than the other one in terms of disturbing themes and plots.

And now the news is here hinting for the fifth season of You, which is also considered as the last season. And the audience are eager to find out whether Joe gets caught and treated accordingly for his misdeeds. Find out what happens in the season finale in March 2023.

What Is It About?

Initially, in New York, you follow Joe Goldberg, the manager of a bookstore. Joe seems to be the perfect gentleman—smart, educated, funny, and a classic romantic. We quickly learn, though, that Joe’s charming demeanor conceals a dark and dangerous side.

When promising writer and graduate student Guinevere Beck accidentally walks into Joe’s bookshop one day, the true extent of his obsessions become instantly apparent. Joe goes to great lengths to have Beck fall in love with him since he is convinced that Beck is “the one” after their brief encounter.

"You" Season 5

As he attempts to remove any obstacles to his and Beck’s ideal love story, Joe’s toxic and stalker tendencies are shown throughout the first season.

Everything About “You” Season 5

The showrunners are keeping the details of You season five carefully under wraps. However, in a recent interview with the Netflix website Tudum, Penn Badgley made a prediction on what Joe’s last season would include. Badgley predicted that once Joe ultimately accepts the darkness inside himself, his inner monologue will shift.

Furthermore, since Joe is going to embrace himself fully, we assume that if Marienne were to return to New York and destroy his lavish new life, he wouldn’t give her another chance to run away. Joe Goldberg’s final moments on You will surely be remembered since the fifth season will undoubtedly be the last.

When You season five will be accessible to stream is still unknown. The fifth and final season, however, may air as early as spring 2024, according to prior production timetables.