10 Instances Where Iron Man’s Technology Fell Into the Wrong Hands

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By Wanda

Armor Wars will allegedly see Iron Man‘s tech fall into the wrong hands, but various MCU projects have already explored this problem minorly.

The impending MCU film Armor Wars will narrate the story of some of Iron Man’s tech falling into the wrong hands, but the same plot has been used in other movies in the same franchise earlier. Iron Man embarked on the gigantic success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Tony Stark developed a futuristic suit of Armor, acquiring himself the position of the titular head. Stark invented tech to help the heroes of the Marvel charter. Right from establishing the Avengers and providing them with phenomenal gadgets and weapons, his technology has stood as the foundation of the MCU.

But, Stark cannot always protect the franchise heroes. Some wear Stark Armor, but not all do right thinking. They exploit Stark’s tech to fulfill their own notorious needs. This will be the plotline of Armor Wars, but it has already been assigned in various other projects. Here are the top 10 nerve-wracking times Iron Man’s tech fell into the wrong hands before Armor Wars.

1. A Skrull gets the grip of The War Machine Armor

Before Secret Invasion, an MCU theory revealed that Colonel James Rhodes, or War Machine is a rebel Skrull and got her evil hands on the War Machine Armor. It is stated that she vanquished the real Rhodes after Captain America: Civil War.

2. DDC possesses E.D.I.T.H. drones in Ms. Marvel

The Department of Damage Control is the government wing that deals with the feuds between heroes and villains. After Stark’s passing, they engaged in recovering the technology so as to keep it out of villainous hands. But they’re solely undeserving of the technology. Ms. Marvel teaches them how to capture superpowers using EDITH drones. This exploitation puts them at odds with the hero, which reflects why Stark was so hesitant to share his inventions with the U.S. government.

3. Doctor Octopus loots Nanotech

The Marvel counterpart, Spider-Man: No Way Home witnessed many villains smuggling into the MCU. Even after Iron Man‘s death, his ideas and inventions became handy. Spider-Man’s suit, made by Stark was taken away and dismantled by Octopus in a war between them. Spider-Man rested the chaos by pulling control over the tech, but we know how dangerous a device could be when used by a villain.

4. S.W.O.R.D. gives birth to White Vision

White Vision, originally an iconic hero, fell into the wicked hands of Tyler Hayward who used it to create a duplicate of Vision’s memories. This clearly highlighted the difference between Stark who could have made it a better technology and Hayward who abused power.

5. Mysterio steals E.D.I.T.H.

Iron Man’s tech was the most remarkable dimension of the MCU. But Avengers: Endgame witnessed him give up on his powers. The difference he created with his tech was immortal. Stark trusted Peter Parker with E.D.I.T.H., a powerful pair of glasses that could control a troop of Stark drones. Later on, Mysterio slyly manipulates Peter to transfer control of E.D.I.T.H., before coming out to be a villain. In the end, Parker triumphs over Mysterio but consequential damage is already done by then.

6. Thanos clutches the Nano- Gauntlet

We see Tony Stark invent the most phenomenally important creations in Avengers: Endgame, mainly the power to time travel and the Nano-Gauntlet. This is created to mobilize the Infinity Stones, leading to them becoming the most powerful tech in the universe. Amidst the Battle of Earth, Thanos literally steals the gauntlet, but the Avengers stop him with their power. We can only imagine how the Mad Titans could have used it.

7. Ultron manipulates the Iron Legion

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony Stark gives birth to the titular villain when he steps forward to build artificial intelligence to save the world. Ultron, although Stark’s invention, approaches the Iron Legion, Stark’s troop of drones formed by his technology. Ultron turns the Legion against the Avengers and the humans on Earth, manipulating them to erase human life, and falsifying Stark’s technology as the primary villain in MCU movies.

8. Justin Hammer steals Armor plans

Justin Hammer may not be the most dangerous villain, but he’s extremely evil. Iron Man 2 witnesses Stark’s business rival steal plans for his Armor, to produce technology that could be used by the U.S. government. Hammer leads to the introduction of War Machine.

9. The Winter Soldier grabs the new Super Soldier Serum

Captain America: Civil War is where we first notice the consequences of Stark’s tech falling into the wrong hands. The Super Soldier Serum was created by Abraham Erskine with Stark’s assistance. The film shows how the Winter Soldier murders the Starks and grabs the serum for HYDRA, who decides to use it to create an army of mighty soldiers.

10. Iron Monger takes away the original Iron Man Armor

Iron Man’s technology has always been abused for wrongdoings. Stark invents a prototype suit, which Stark perfects later. Stark’s business partner Obidah Stane takes charge of the prototype armor, designing his own weaponized suit by stealing Stark’s plan. He then attempts to kill Stark using the new Iron Monger, which is another reason why his powers should be protected at any cost.