Movie Soundtracks That Were Much Better Than the Movies Themselves, According to Fans

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By Wanda

The presence of a soundtrack empowers the film. When proper devotion is given to the creation of it, the quality of the soundtrack excels the film. Cinephiles and music lovers have, on their social media handles, proposed theories on which soundtracks have transcended their cinematic counterparts. We’ve listed the top movie soundtracks that are superior to their movies.

1. The Tarzan soundtrack featuring Phil Collins

Various tweets and Reddit posts have served the Tarzaan song with the hype it deserved. They’ve stated that no movie could be as good as that soundtrack. The track was made with so detailed attention that the movie could not surpass the greatness of it.

@brooklynrwhite tweeted,

2. The Flash Gordon soundtrack featuring Queen

The Flash Gordon song was talked about big on social media. The response said that, although the movie was all right, it would have never stood its ground without the Queen soundtrack.

3. The Coen Brothers film O Brother, Where Art Thou? featuring a bluegrass soundtrack that won Best Album of the Year

The movie was phenomenal but the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack birthed love for bluegrass in the audience, is what the melomaniacs had to say.

4. The TRON: Legacy soundtrack featuring Daft Punk

@TheFirstOkiro tweeted,

They only wished the movie was better.

5. The Suicide Squad soundtrack featuring Twenty One Pilots, War, Panic! At the Disco, and Grimes

The Suicide Squad soundtrack could have been a group of spider monkeys screaming while their intestines were pulled out through their urethra and it still would have been better than the movie,

a tweet said hyperexcitedly about the track.

It was weirdly specific but true.

6. Star Wars- Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, ft. John Williams

Listeners have considered the track to be a better make than the film itself.

7. The Queen of the Damned soundtrack ft. Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, Deftones, and Papa Roach

Another example of a vampire movie where the soundtrack had a much greater game to play.

8. The Batman & Robin soundtrack ft. Smashing Pumpkins, R.E.M., Moloko, and Bones Thugs-N-Harmony

This is legitimately one of my favourite Smashing Pumpkin songs,

said @candygram4mongo on Reddit.

@AndrewIhla tweeted,

@geekcultureexp tweeted,

9. The Twilight Saga Franchise albums

@lnbshr tweeted,

10. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves soundtrack ft. Bryan Adams

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. That movie did not deserve a soundtrack of that caliber,

EarthDayYeti posted on Reddit.

11. The Sucker Punch soundtrack ft. The Vocals of Emily Browning, Bjork, and Queen

I like to think of Sucker Punch as a series of music videos instead of a film,

NumberMuncher on Reddit said.

Oh man yes. That Pixies cover is killer. I actually like Sucker Punch. Yes it’s kinda stupid, but the visuals are great and I appreciate that it was at least trying something different,

HansBrixOhNo posted on Reddit.

@nottydesignss tweeted,

12. The Less Than Zero soundtrack ft. The Bangles, Slayer, LL Cool J, and Aerosmith

Another number which did better than the film.

13. The Xanadu soundtrack ft. Olivia Newton-John and ELO

Xanadu. Really great songs by ELO and Olivia Newton-John. 

The Cliff Richards duet with Newton-John is classy.

Even the number with the 1940s big band group and the Tubes trading back and forth is at least novel and interesting. It’s just too bad that the romantic lead has no chemistry with Newton-John, and the plot is tapping social trends five years too late. At least Gene Kelly is as great as ever,

nightwav on Reddit said.

14. The Godzilla soundtrack ft. Rage Against the Machine and Jamiroquai

Godzilla. The Matthew Broderick one. The Rage Against the Machine song No Shelter alone is worth it,

Flandersmcj posted on Reddit.

Jamiroquai’s Deeper Underground from that soundtrack is my jam,

pashed_motatoes on Reddit, said.

15. The Judgement Night soundtrack ft. Helmet, House of Pain, Slayer, and Ice-T

@BlackWordBound tweeted,

This number did exceptionally well in the music industry.