A Star of Avengers 5 Talks About Jonathan Majors’ Arrest for Assault

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By Aquaman

Ahead of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, Anthony Mackie, who plays Sam Wilson, spoke out against the Jonathan Majors incident.

The actor was detained in March for allegedly beating his fiancée at the time. The star’s crew vehemently denied the serious charges, referring to the actor as the “victim.”

Many are unsure as to whether Marvel Studios will seek to recast Majors for Avengers 5 or endure the PR nightmare in light of the continuous issue surrounding him.

A Star of Avengers 5 Talks About Jonathan Majors' Arrest for Assault

The announcement comes ahead of the Avengers’ next major team-up against Majors‘ Kang, which won’t hit theaters until May 1, 2026 as a result of a recent postponement. Mackie’s Captain America is reported to be one of the movie’s headliners.

Captain America Actor Addresses Jonathan Majors Controversy

Anthony Mackie, who plays Captain America and Sam Wilson in Peacock’s Twisted Metal, opened out to Inverse about the uproar surrounding Jonathan Majors following his assault arrest.

Indicating that the United States is “a country that was built on ‘everyone is innocent until proven guilty,'” Mackie seemed to be cautioning against drawing any judgments about Majors prior to the outcome of his trial.

A Star of Avengers 5 Talks About Jonathan Majors' Arrest for Assault

Anthony Mackie is the first MCU celebrity to publicly address the ongoing Jonathan Majors dispute, generally agreeing with him that the actor needs a fair trial to decide his guilt or innocence.

Majors has already had a number of court appearances and his trial is scheduled to start on August 3. Only time will tell how the matter turns out, but the publicity it generates will make it difficult for Marvel Studios to manage before Majors makes his MCU comeback in Loki Season 2 in October.

Although it’s unknown whether Mackie and Majors have ever met or have even worked together in the MCU, they will probably spend a lot of time together on site once production for Avengers 5 begins.