All Three Spiderman Actors Screen Tests & Auditions

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By FilMonger

We’re not thwipping too far back in years for this week’s Time Capsule. Instead, let’s web a camera to a wall in an alleyway and take a peek at Tom Holland’s scruffy home tapes, screen tests, and effortless backflips from his Spider-Man auditions. The moments that made him a lock for the role of Peter Entertainment Parker.

It was a daunting task, not only becoming the third live-action Spider-Man in 15 years but also to do it for Captain America: Civil War – a pivotal, culminating movie filled with just about every important MCU hero. And Vision.

Yes, whoever landed the Spidey role would have to be a standout from the get-go. This young star would definitely have to stick in the mind of the casting director. Hahahaha. See…stick!…um. Look, we could have gone with something “Peter Tingle” related, but that feels wrong.

Casting director Sarah Finn and her team looked at over 7,000 tapes and then brought in over 200 young men to try out, eventually narrowing it down to Holland, who as you can see, was more than capable of holding his own with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans in screen tests.

His time with Evans even includes some fight moves in between the banter about Queens and Brooklyn and which borough has the better pizza. The answer is Brooklyn, obviously, because Steve used to make a little face on his pie using the pepperonis and olives and pretend it was Bucky.

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