Are Harry Styles and Taylor Russell Officially Dating?

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By Scarlet Witch

Harry Styles is currently in Vienna, Austria for his ‘Love on Tour’ over the weekend, and guess who was spotted in the VIP section of the audience? Taylor Russell! the Lost in Space star was seen in Harry’s concert grooving to all his songs. Sources are saying this could be an official sign of the stars dating each other.

The pop star has been single for the last few months and was last seen dating Olivia Wilde. Looks like Harry Styles and Taylor Russel are dating, as this concert has proven it right.

Are Harry Styles and Taylor Russell Actually Dating?

Are Harry Styles and Taylor Russell Officially Dating

Taylor Russell’s photos have gone viral, and she is seen enjoying the concert throughout. She was seen in the VIP section of the concert alongside the crew of the concert working backstage. This romantic gesture of Russell shows the duo is together, and the spark is on both ends. The Canadian actress couldn’t control herself as she dances her heart out in the concert.

But if you think this is it, then you are wrong. Taylor Russell was not just attending the concert in Vienna she was staying here as she was seen enjoying the landscape of the beautiful city before attending the concert. Fans are also very sure that the two stars are dating as their video got viral on Twitter as well. The short clips show the duo roaming together in the comfort of each other.

Harry Styles is currently on his Love on Tour which started in September 2021 and will be done by July 2023.