Batman beyond would have been possible if the flash was a success

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There have been rumors in the DC universe for sometime now, about a live action remake of Batman Forever with Michael Keaton reprising the role given that his age to play an older version of the billionaire turned superhero and stay true to the stories in the comics.

More recently, it was a very real possibility and may have been in the works had it not been for the poor performance of “the flash” movie at the box office. For the live action to even be considered, this film would have had to performed at least as well as Robert Pattinson’s noir adaptation of the Batman and even the success of 2022 film further encouraged producers to consider Batman Beyond.

Michael Keaton in The Flash

However, with the flash’s performance at the box office and subpar ratings from critics, the future of the DCEU is up in the air. Moreover, even the return of Keaton to his iconic role as well as the current Batman, Ben Affleck and the exciting storylines of time travel being explored in the The Flash, its poor performance does not bode well for the reboot by James Gunn and Peter Safran

While Keaton’s performance itself is stellar as is to be expected from this Hollywood veteran, The Flash may have seen the last of Keaton’s caped crusader.