Emilia Clarke finds it easier to keep spoilers from “Secret Invasion” than “Game of thrones”

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By Batman

Emilia Clarke became a sensation around the world for her portrayal of Khaleesi in Game of Thrones and this also gave her a lot of experience in dealing with spoilers. But since joining the cast of the Marvel series, Secret Invasion, it has become a whole lot easier.

It seems that her solution is simple: just blame Marvel. Whenever people try to pry details regarding the show she just says, “Dude it’s Marvel. I can’t say anything” and that it’s become her mantra to avoid revealing any other details.

Emilia Clarke in Secret Invasion

It also seems that actors aren’t the only thing MCU and Game of Thrones have in common. With later seasons, showrunners of Game of Thrones started using similar tactics as Marvel to prevent spoilers and being in that atmosphere and still managing to bring life to Khaleesi seems to have prepared Clarke for her portrayal of G’iah, the shapeshifting daughter of Talos in Secret Invasion.

The security measures were so extreme that Clarke recalls removing her SIM card from her phone for fear of fans tracking her down.

Samuel L Jackson, known for his portrayal of Nick Fury, the central character in Secret Invasion also reveals how much of an issue security has been in past Marvel productions and how the cast and crew are at risk of letting something slip to the world.

Even with all these dangers, Secret Invasion seems to be a new and exciting series, one that all the actors are ready to take on, with storylines and action along the lines of Captain America: The Winter Solider and exploring the characters behind the superheroes and with a cast this experienced and talented, this is going to be one to watch.