What if? novel series announced

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By Batman

For all the Marvels fans wondering What if? they can now get even more of their questions answered with what can be with a novelization of the popular series which will include the return of several characters such as Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch), Loki, Spider Man and more which could be released early as next year.

Similar to the premise of the series, each comic will be based in a separate time period and universe with 3 titles, What if Loki was worthy?, What if Wanda Maximoff and Peter Parker were siblings? and What if Marc Spector was a host to Venom? releasing over the course of the next year.

What If…Loki Was Worthy?

This comic will explore the lives of Asgardians Loki and Valkyrie and how a prank by the god of mischief backfires and results in the death of Thor and the destruction of New York which leads to Loki’s banishment to Midgard. With the absence of a hero for Asgard, Loki attempts to fulfill Thor’s last wish and pass on Mjolnir to its rightful heir.

Marvel announces new novel series What if?

What if as a comic will attempt to explore Loki’s balance between good and evil, something which his character has always had a problem with. But ultimately, he made the right choice and was a hero at the end and I believe this comic will attempt to show that side to his character.

It seems that the remaining stories will be told along the same lines as the first season of the show, from the perspective of the watcher and his continued inclusion in future storylines could mean some very exciting possibilities for the future of the MCU.