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The horror genre has a way of captivating audiences, leaving them simultaneously thrilled and terrified. In recent years, two films have emerged, each with its own unique take on horror. “The Boogeyman” and “Evil Dead Rise” offer chilling experiences that evoke different emotions and engage viewers in distinct ways. Let’s delve into these two movies, exploring their subparts and discovering what sets them apart.

The Boogeyman – A Familiar but Effective Horror Tale

“The Boogeyman” draws upon Stephen King’s storytelling prowess to weave a chilling narrative. The film follows a family grappling with the loss of their mother. The father, a psychologist, finds himself embroiled in a dark conspiracy when a patient warns him of an evil force that has been preying on his family. Ignoring the warning, the father remains oblivious as the malevolent presence begins to infiltrate their home. Amidst this turmoil, the eldest daughter, Sadie, tries to contact the spirit of her deceased mother, while the youngest daughter, Sawyer, starts witnessing manifestations of the evil entity lurking within their dark closet.

Evil Dead Rise The Boogeyman

Directed by Rob Savage, “The Boogeyman” manages to hold together as a competent and enjoyable horror movie. While it may follow a standard premise of “things that go bump in the night,” it excels in its structural cohesion and King’s ability to create engaging stories. However, the film ultimately fails to offer surprises or inventiveness. Its resolution falls into the typical horror trope, where the evil can only be vanquished at the 90-minute mark by a symbolically or foreshadowed object held by the protagonist. Despite these shortcomings, “The Boogeyman” remains a solid horror experience that would satisfy audiences, particularly if packaged under established franchises like “Insidious” or “The Conjuring.”

Evil Dead Rise – A Reimagined and Gory Horror Adventure

In stark contrast to “The Boogeyman,” “Evil Dead Rise” boldly departs from the conventions set by its predecessors. This film pays homage to the notorious “Evil Dead” franchise while carving its own distinct path. Rather than replicating the shock and hysteria associated with the original, “Evil Dead Rise” takes inspiration from horror luminaries like H.P. Lovecraft and Arthur Machen, who explored the realms of ancient evils and forbidden knowledge.

Evil Dead Rise The Boogeyman

Under the direction of Lee Cronin, “Evil Dead Rise” embraces audacity and intertextuality. It skillfully incorporates references to horror classics, delighting fans with clever nods to films such as “The Shining” and “Aliens.” The film embraces gore and gruesomeness, immersing viewers in a world where ancient books must remain sealed for a reason. The infamous tree scene from the original is reimagined through an elevator sequence, avoiding the troubling exploitative elements while still paying homage to the horror genre’s iconic moments. Additionally, themes of fear, childbirth, and the role of the surrogate mother add depth and psychological layers to the film.

“Evil Dead Rise” offers an impressive display of performances, with Alyssa Sutherland delivering a standout portrayal of Ellie. Director Lee Cronin leaves his mark on the genre, infusing the film with his unique style, evident even in the perfect title card. It caters to horror enthusiasts who revel in the gore and visual effects prevalent in video games and films over the past three decades. With a tapestry of references and influences, “Evil Dead Rise” masterfully combines calculated intertextuality with terrifying frights, reigniting the fear that captivated audiences back in 1981.

Evil Dead Rise The Boogeyman

The Boogeyman” and “Evil Dead Rise” provide two distinct yet captivating experiences within the horror genre. While “The Boogeyman” adheres to familiar tropes and offers a solid but unremarkable horror narrative, it benefits from Stephen King’s storytelling expertise and Rob Savage’s competent direction. On the other hand, “Evil Dead Rise” ventures into new territory, departing from its predecessors and delivering a gory, intertextual horror adventure that thrills and surprises. Whether you seek a haunting tale grounded in familial struggles or a blood-soaked journey into the supernatural, both films offer a thrilling ride for horror fans. Embrace the darkness and allow these two horror double-bills to transport you on an unforgettable journey into the realm of fear and the supernatural.