Blue Beetle Director Confirms Movie’s Connection to the DC Universe

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By Batman

With DC universe’s reboot, The Flash’s poor performance at the box office and the upcoming “Chapter one” under James Gunn have all left the unreleased movies in stasis with fans wondering how these movies will be related to the DC universe.

However, Blue Beetle director Angel Manuel Soto has assured fans that the movie will be related to the DC universe and any future productions. He has also gone so far as to hint at a trilogy for the superhero and that this movie will kick off a new saga in the DC universe.

Blue Beetle stars Xolo Maridueña (Cobra Kai) as Jaimie Reyes who becomes the owner and host of an alien weapon known as the scarab which takes any means necessary to protect its host. Armed with this power, the movie sets up the origin story for the invulnerable superhero.

Blue Beetle’s Director on Connection with DC Universe

Blue beetle's connection to the DC universe

His connection to the established DC superheroes is not yet known. But in the comics he is from Smallville and is a member of the Justice League. So, we may be looking at the strongest character in the Justice League if not the DCEU itself.

But at the very least, Blue Beetle looks like we can expect an action-packed film coupled with the antics of George Lopez. This movie is surely DC’s action-comedy of the year with just a little bit of heart if we’re lucky. And this film along with Aquaman 2, (set to release in December this year) is sure to restore the faith of fans of the DCEU.

All in all, with these movies and Joker 2 set for release next year, with any luck DC may be pivoting in a new direction and I hope for their sakes they have the scarab to protect them.