Charlize Theron’s Most Insane Stunts Without A Stunt Double | Charlize Performing Her Own Stunts

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With action movies like “Atomic Blonde” and “Mad Max: Fury Road,” actress Charlize Theron has built a reputation for not being scared to do her own stunts, especially fight sequences. Her latest movie, Netflix’s “The Old Guard” (available on the service Friday), is no exception.

But she might have taken things a little too far this time. The movie’s fight coordinator, revealed to Insider that the star suffered numerous injuries while making the movie, including one to her left thumb in which she tore the ligament right off the bone.

The thumb injury occurred towards the end of filming the action movie in which she plays the leader of a centuries-old immortal squad of killers.

Charlize is tough. She knows she’s going to get tagged, but she also knows when to keep her distance. If something goes wrong in a film, she has the confidence to pull it back together.

When it comes to doing her own stunts on set – a skill director puts the actress in the ‘top one per centile of actors do to their own action

The choreography in her films are quite simple, but it could be the most amazing martial arts scene of all time but if you don’t put that acting on top of it, nobody cares.

The number of female-lead action films is definitely growing, which is great. It’s taken forever so it’s about time

Though fighting is only a small part of actors job, most stars train hard but often do the bare minimum required of them. Theron, on the other hand, was keeping her trainers at the gym, pushing them, determined to master the basic moves.