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By FilMonger

Brie Larson can sing

Tom Holland can dance, perform gymnastics and walk like an Ape.

Tom Hiddleston – Impressions

Chadwick Boseman can sing 🙂

Chris Pratt can make braids and walk on high heels.

RDJ can hop like a raabit, Lol! Just kidding. He is pretty good at singing and dancing.

Chris Pratt more specifically has mad skills when it comes to french braiding. He recently posted a photo of his handy work on Instagram. Judging from the photo he did a great job. There are plenty of ladies out there that have not mastered the braid as well as he has. His wife is probably the envy of her friends. Not bad for a gentleman with short hair.

Chris Evans can tap dance, lap dance, belly dance, moon walk and what not!

Chris Hemsworth can stitch his own clothes and pretend to be a gossip queen.

 Chris Hemsworth couldn’t afford any cool clothes, so he was like, ‘I’m going to make them myself,Anything that could hold his attention was a big plus for his parents in particular,” “For some reason, cross-stitch was the one that he enjoyed.”