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With the success of the last Avengers film and the hype from Spider-Man: Far From Home, Marvel fans are truly living their best lives in 2019. And while there may have been some disappointing Spider-Man films of the past, many can agree that Tom Holland is perfect for the role.

Not all co-stars get along, but Holland and Zendaya have an undeniable bond. The two have spoken about their close friendship in the past, and they’ve also been spotted hanging out together when the cameras aren’t rolling. 

Since the two are so close in age and have had similar experiences growing up in the public eye, it makes perfect sense that they’d get along as well as they do

though Zendaya did once express that she was worried her height would get in the way of her attaining the part of MJ in Spider-Man. Luckily, Holland being a bit shorter didn’t stand in the way of their chemistry.

Since Holland and Zendaya are so close, many assumed the two have been secretly dating as well. Holland posted an Instagram photo of him and Zendaya all the way back in 2016, and since then, fans have hoped this meant a romance was brewing. So far, Holland and Zendaya still maintain they’re just friends, however.

Will when are we going to see Holland and Zendaya as the famous on-screen couple again in another film? We’ll have to wait and see.