Jennifer Lawrence Funny Moments

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Jennifer Lawrence funny moments

Remember when Jennifer Lawrence was nice? It seems like only yesterday when she fell over adorably at the Oscars, and then again at another Oscars, and then again at the premiere of the final Hunger Games movie. 

Seems like it was only yesterday since she gave hilariously candid interviews that made her seem like a fun, regular human being, or since she earned a cute nickname, JLaw, because she was just so hilariously candid, and such a fun, regular human being.

Jennifer Lawrence  funny moments

Jennifer Lawrence holds great compassion and seeks to be of service to others. She is a healer, and capable of giving comfort to those in need – she will frequently offer a shoulder for others to cry on. But actually, Jennifer Lawrence mission in life is to develop the tools that allow her to be truly helpful to others mom 

rather than just a sympathetic ear

About seven years ago, when Jennifer Lawrence co-starred in Jodie Foster’s film The Beaver, the director told her that one day she would look back on her film roles and see a pattern.

It was Jennifer Lawrence‘s good friend Laura (more on her later) who identified the archetype even before Jennifer Lawrence did, noting that the actress tended to play “white trash with too much responsibility.” Sure enough, in her early films, including Winter’s Bone and The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence embodied what she calls “the young-adult maternal figure.”

Jennifer Lawrence has strong friendships—fellow actresses Emma Stone, Brie Larson, and Amy Schumer, to name a few, as well as a very tight group outside the industry she has known for more than 10 years.