Dr. Strange Turns Evil! | What If Episode 4 Review & Breakdown

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By Tony Stark

Rarely am I left speechless when watching a film or a show. I don’t think ever in my life has an animated show left me in absolute awe. That all changed today after watching episode 4 of Marvel’s “What If…” series. Truth be told, Dr. Strange’s powers and story captivates me. Especially the idea of what would happen if he turned evil. Today, I watched that narrative unfold before my eyes, and it was enthralling, moving, and heartbreaking. Here’s our review of episode 4 of Marvel’s “What If…” series. 

Dr. Strange Loses His Heart Not His Hands

Upon reading the episode title, I assumed this wasn’t literally about him losing his blood-pumping organ. Yet, I wasn’t ready to see the dynamic raw chemistry between Stephen Strange and Christine Palmer. Their love for each other was real, and you could feel it through their tongue and cheek conversations. The episode establishes this emotional bond quickly, only to rip it out of our hearts instantaneously. Again we had to watch the all too familiar car crash sequence resulting in Christine’s death. This tragedy leads our beloved Sorcerer Supreme down a dark and dangerous path. 

Dr. Strange Turns To Dark Magic

Instead of coping with his grief, Doctor Strange uses the time stone to travel to an old forbidden temple. This temple holds ages of dark and forbidden magic. Dr. Strange turns to this vile form of magic because the Ancient One told him that Christine’s death was an absolute fixed point in time. Apparently, the only way to undo an absolute is by lurking in the darkest corners of sorcery. Strange discovers a book detailing how to obtain such an elusive power, but it comes with a great price tag. 

Dr. Strange Turns Evil & Absorbs Powerful Mystical Creatures

To obtain this power, Strange had to absorb the abilities and magic of forbidden creatures. Without hesitation, Stephen summons being after being after being. You can see the toll it takes on him physically as his eyes sink in and his face becomes weathered. He eventually obtains the power to undo Christine’s death, but he destroys his universe in doing so. 

This episode is a 10 out of 10. Seeing the massive consequences of arrogance and having no restraint was powerful. I loved this episode from start to finish, and the ending conversation between the Watcher and Doctor Strange gripped me. If Marvel can keep this same energy, I think fans will be calling for a season 2. 

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