Elliot Page Net Worth Revealed

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Find below the surprising net worth of the longtime actor, Elliot Page.

Elliot Page is arguable one of the most versatile actor in Hollywood with roles across genres and genders. The actor has been involved in Hollywood for over 2 decades but first came to prominence with his (then her) performance in Juno for her portrayal of a pregnant teenager which received critical acclaim.

Since then, he has notably starred in films such as X-Men: The Last Stand and Days of Future Past as well as TV shows such as The Umbrella Academy as Viktor Hargreeves (Number 7).

Elliot page net worth revealed

Elliot Page Net Worth:

Page since has always been in the spotlight but recently made headlines for revealing that he was involved with Olivia Thirlby, his costar in Juno. He was reported to have a massive net worth of 10 million as of this year.

While a large part of this is attributed to his roles, he has also diversified and ventured into producing and voice acting, notably producing Nel Mio Nome, a documentary that explored the intricacies of gender which premiered in the Berlin International film festival last year, a subject that the actor himself can relate to having come out as a trans man in 2020.

Elliot Page’s Transition:

Since identifying as trans, he has also worked to break down barriers by being the first trans man to be featured on the cover of Time magazine along with being nominated for innumerable awards for his versatile acting.

Elliot page net worth revealed

The actor is also not shy about spending this wealth with multiple homes in Halifax and New York as well as luxury automobiles purchased over the years with the homes each being worth millions of dollars and the cars worth about 80,000 dollars apiece.

However, all this wealth is not undeserved as the actor has proven time and time again that he is a valuable addition to Hollywood and with consistently profitable productions over decades, we can assume that he is just getting started.