Fast X Arrives on Peacock With a New Trailer

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By Iron Man

The Fast & Furious franchise is revving up excitement as Fast X makes its much-anticipated debut on the Peacock streaming service. After facing challenges at the global box office, where it earned just over $700 million, Universal is banking on Peacock to breathe new life into the tenth installment of the action-packed series.

In celebration of this streaming release, the Fast & Furious franchise shared a 16-second trailer on its social media pages. The trailer adopts a “breaking news on TV” format, showcasing clips of Vin Diesel’s iconic character, Dominic Toretto. Dom is depicted watching numerous screens as he receives a phone call from Jason Momoa’s villainous character, Dante Reyes. The ominous call features Dante telling Dom, “I’m watching you.”

While Fast X has been available for digital purchase since June 9, its arrival on Peacock opens the door for a broader audience to experience the high-octane action and thrilling storyline.

A Preview of Fast X on Peacock

To offer fans a taste of the film’s excitement, Peacock also shared a 4-minute and 36-second clip from Fast X. This clip showcases a pivotal moment where Dom and Dante meet for the first time. The tension escalates when Dante offers a substantial reward to anyone who can defeat him in a race. Dom and Dante engage in a tense conversation, almost leading to a shootout, before they ultimately agree to a high-stakes race.

The arrival of Fast X on Peacock allows fans of the franchise to enjoy the latest installment from the comfort of their own screens. As the movie becomes available on the streaming platform, Universal hopes to attract a new wave of viewers and potentially pave the way for more Fast & Furious adventures in the future.

While Fast X Part 2 is already in the works and planned for a 2025 release, the future of the franchise remains dynamic and full of surprises. With its rich history, thrilling action sequences, and beloved characters, the Fast & Furious series continues to captivate audiences, ensuring that the franchise’s legacy endures.

Fast X is now available for streaming on Peacock, offering fans an opportunity to catch up on the high-octane action and immerse themselves in the adrenaline-fueled world of the Fast & Furious universe.