For arriving 30 minutes late at the Glastonbury Festival, Lana Del Rey receives criticism and is labeled “unprofessional.”

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By Aquaman

After Lana Del Rey came late for her Glastonbury concert because she was getting her hair done, she received vicious criticism on Twitter.

What Really Happened

Lana Del Rey, a singer and songwriter, had a difficult day at work since she arrived at the current Glastonbury Festival 30 minutes late, was booed on stage, and her mike had been turned off. After attempting to connect with her admirers there, Lana Del Rey was promptly led out; recordings of this event rapidly went viral online.

Lana Del Rey
Mandatory Credit: Photo by David Fisher/REX (10532331cd) Lana Del Rey 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, Arrivals, Fashion Highlights, Los Angeles, USA – 26 Jan 2020

Then, when social media fans flocked to Twitter to express their opinions on Lana Del Rey’s tardy entrance onto the stage, she immediately took one of the top slots on the list of topics that were trending during the weekend. While the award-winning crooner’s devoted followers excused her tardiness, some made fun of her stunt.

The Brooklyn Baby’s Justification

The Daily Mail claims that Lana Del Rey explained her decision to arrive late for her Glastonbury performance.

“I was so f**king late that I am about to rush this set today, if they cut power, they cut power. I’m super f**king sorry, my hair takes so long to do. Let’s run the set as it’s supposed to go, let’s do it!”

It’s interesting to note that the singer brought her hair stylist on stage with her to complete her appearance as she sang her hit songs. She quickly reached curfew, though, and the microphone was turned off. Lana was meant to take the other stage, but she delayed her entrance instead, irking her supporters. Without using a microphone, the vocalist then started engaging with the audience.