Huluween – 7 Must-Watch New Movies Coming to Hulu This October

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By Iron Man

The October lineup on Hulu offers horror classics, mind-bending thrillers, and even a hilarious zombie town. Get ready for a chilling and entertaining Huluween!

October is here, and for many, that means the arrival of spooky season and all things eerie and enchanting. As the days grow shorter and the nights become shrouded in mystery, Hulu has brewed up a tantalizing cauldron of new movies and shows to keep you entertained. Whether you’re a fan of bone-chilling horrors or prefer a more light-hearted scare, Hulu has something wickedly wonderful in store for you this October. Get ready to scream and laugh with our curated list of the seven best movies coming to Hulu in October 2023.

1. Leprechaun – 30th Anniversary Film Collection

Available on: October 1 | Runtime: 92 minutes | Release Year: 1993-2018 

Director: Mark Jones | Sub-Genres: Comedy, Slasher

Cast: Warwick Davis, Jennifer Aniston, Mark Holton, Ken Olandt, Robert Gorman

It all began in 1993 when the first Leprechaun movie hit the silver screen, delivering a peculiar blend of cringe-worthy scares and uproarious laughter. The plot revolves around a stolen pot of gold, triggering a series of hair-raising events. The mischievous Leprechaun, brought to life by Warwick Davis, refuses to let go of his treasure without a fight. Trapped in a locked box for a decade, he’s accidentally released into the world.

Hulu, in a fitting tribute to this horror-comedy classic, is gifting us all eight movies in the series for its 30th anniversary. From the original Leprechaun to the out-of-this-world Leprechaun 4: In Space and the hood-adjacent Leprechaun In The Hood, this collection promises a whirlwind of hilarious and horrifying adventures.

2. Appendage

Available on: October 2 | Runtime: 94 minutes | Release Year: 2023 

Director: Anna Zlokovic | Sub-Genres: Drama, Thriller

Cast: Deborah Rennard, Emily Hampshire, Brandon Mychal Smith, Hadley Robinson

Appendage is a gripping drama-thriller that adds a unique twist to the age-old concept of inner demons. This time, they might be more aptly described as “outer demons” in a pressure-cooker narrative.

Meet Hannah (Hadley Robinson), a fashion student grappling with a daunting design assignment that refuses to be tamed. As she delves deeper into her creative process, an insidious force grows within her, gradually taking control of her actions. Seeking help from a healthcare professional, she stumbles upon a small group of individuals sharing her affliction. They view it as a blessing, but for Hannah, her “appendage” proves to be a destructive curse. Now, she must navigate the treacherous path to regain control of her own body.

3. The Boogeyman

Available on: October 5 | Runtime: 99 minutes | Release Year: 2023

Director: Rob Savage | Sub-Genres: Supernatural, Thriller

Cast: Chris Messina, Vivien Lyra Blair, Sophie Thatcher, David Dastmalchian

From the twisted mind of Stephen King comes The Boogeyman, a recent adaptation of King’s short story from his 1978 anthology, Night Shift. Starring the exceptional Sophie Thatcher, known for her role in Yellowjackets, this supernatural thriller delves into the psyche of therapist Will Harper (Chris Messina) and his two daughters, Sadie (Thatcher) and Sawyer (Vivien Lyra Blair).

Haunted by the sudden and inexplicable death of their wife and mother, the family’s world unravels when an enigmatic client makes a chilling confession. Claiming to be unintentionally responsible for the deaths of his three children, he attributes their demise to the Boogeyman. As eerie events unfurl within their home, the once-innocent occurrences turn sinister and perilous. The Boogeyman is a must-watch for fans of spine-tingling stories featuring things that go bump in the night.

4. Zombie Town

Available on: October 6 | Runtime: 92 minutes | Release Year: 2023

Director: Peter Lepeniotis | Sub-Genres: Comedy, Family-Friendly

Cast: Marlon Kazadi, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Henry Czerny, Madi Monroe

Zombie Town, a Canadian horror-comedy, adapted from R. L. Stine’s 2012 book, takes you on a riotous Halloween adventure that will leave you screaming with laughter. Imagine two teenagers, thrilled to the bone about their Halloween night out at the movies. Little did they know, their evening of excitement would turn into a nightmarish descent into hilarity. The culprit?

A never-before-seen movie created by a reclusive filmmaker, portrayed by the legendary Dan Aykroyd. But as the film unspools, their town begins to transform into a zombie-infested nightmare. To restore order, these brave teens must embark on a quest to track down the mysterious filmmaker and save their town from becoming an undead paradise.

Zombie Town promises a riotous blend of comedy and horror, making it the perfect choice for a spine-tingling, side-splitting October night.

5. The Mill

Available on: October 9 | Runtime: N/A | Release Year: 2023

Director: Sean King O’Grady | Sub-Genres: Sci-Fi, Psychological Thriller

Cast: Pat Healy, Karen Obilom, Lil Rey Howery

The Mill is a brand new Hulu Original that will challenge your wits and test your resilience. Starring Lil Rey Howery, known for his role in Vacation Friends, the movie unfolds with a white-collar businessman waking up to a nightmare. He finds himself imprisoned in an open-air cell, and his only companion is an ancient grist mill that he must operate to stay alive.

With no memory of how he ended up in this nightmarish predicament, he must race against time to escape his eerie confinement and witness the birth of his first child. As he navigates the labyrinthine corridors of his own psyche, mind games, and claustrophobia intensify the psychological thriller. Together with the protagonist, you’ll uncover the chilling mystery of who would subject him to this torment and why.

6. Slotherhouse

Available on: October 15 | Runtime: 93 minutes | Release Year: 2023

Director: Matthew Goodhue | Sub-Genres: Comedy, Thriller

Cast: Steven Kapicic, Lisa Ambalanavar, Olivia Rouyre, Grace Patterson

Forget about apex predators like sharks or anacondas; this time, it’s a three-toed sloth that takes center stage in Slotherhouse.

When Emily Young (played by Lisa Ambalanavar) runs for president of her sorority, she decides to up the ante by adopting a sloth as her campaign mascot. Little does she know that this cuddly creature has a sinister agenda. As the plot unfolds, the sloth goes on a savage and ruthless murder spree that defies all expectations.

Slotherhouse offers a campy, cheesy take on horror, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer their scares with a generous helping of dark humor. Remember, in this movie, it’s not about rushing; it’s about “dying slow.”

7. Cobweb

Available on: October 20 | Runtime: 88 minutes | Release Year: 2023 

Director: Samuel Bodin | Sub-Genres: Supernatural, Psychological Thriller

Cast: Cleopatra Coleman, Lizzy Caplan, Woody Norman, Anthony Starr

Cobweb is a supernatural and psychological thriller that will send shivers down your spine. Two exceptional talents who portrayed Annie Wilkes and Homelander in the acclaimed series Castle Rock and The Boys respectively, collide as Lizzy Caplan and Anthony Starr join forces as parents to 8-year-old Peter, played by Woody Norman.

One fateful night, young Peter begins to hear mysterious knocking sounds emanating from his bedroom wall, plunging the family into a haunting nightmare. Produced by the masterminds behind Barbarian and It, this movie promises to unravel untold truths that loom over Peter’s parents. As you delve into the eerie atmosphere of Cobweb on Hulu, be prepared to question your own sanity in this chilling exploration of the supernatural and the mind.