John Wick 4: Behind the Stunts

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By Aquaman

Last words, Winston?

Just have fun out there!

With the action-packed movie John Wick 4, Keanu Reeves is back in the lead role as the action hero. He is exacting mayhem and vengeance on anybody who gets in the way of his calloused knuckles.

As usual, there are several vehicles utilized, including an amazing 1971 Plymouth Barracuda, but in this instance, they are centered around that Parisian landmark for an incredible stunt scene. Naturally, when we refer to a stunt scene, we mean “barely contained vehicular chaos.”

John Wick 4: Behind the Stunts

At Filmonger, we have taken the initiative to bring you the insights of John Wick 4 behind the stunts clip. Read on to find out more.

Behind The Clips Of John Wick 4

The video starts with Stephen Dunlevy speaking how Keanu Reeves is tailored to play the stealthy and efficient John Wick and how wonderful it is to work with the beloved Baba Yaga. The video then proceeds with the visual of Keanu training for the scenes.

Then Chad Stahelski, the director talks about the pace of Keanu’s work and how he is there every day working on each of his movement to execute the stunts to perfection. Then Keanu talks about the sessions and the importance of each of the sessions. The video rolls on as we see a short clip of John performing a stunt.

The fighting choreographer, Jeremy Marinas then speaks about how Keanu is open to fresh new ideas. However, he mentions that Keanu needs to know what these ideas bring into the table and how it plays a key role for the bigger picture.

As the clip rolls further, the crew and Keanu himself speaks about what they bring with these stunts to the film. With every new release, it has been shown to us that John Wick is always one step ahead with his tactical expertise and in this clip we get to know the master minds behind such thinking.

The clip then proceeds to show how things are taken care at the backend so well. And we get to see the efforts of the crew that makes our experience so much better when we see these on screen. And the whole clip ends with John asking Winston, “Last Words, Winston?”

To which Winston replies, “Have fun out there.”