Kaley Cuoco Shares Amusing Video of Her Second Attempt at Recreating An Influencer’s Hairstyle

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By Wanda

I’m gonna keep trying everyone. We can do this together,

the actress commented on her Instagram post.

Kaley Cuoco and her makeup artist Jamie Greenberg posted a funny Instagram video of Cuoco’s second try at replicating an influencer’s hairstyle. The video starts with Cuoco’s face obscured by messy hair, and Greenberg humorously suggests using scissors to release her hair from a hair tie.


terrified at the thought, Cuoco screams.

Kaley, after confirming her desire to attempt another challenging viral hairstyle, boldly proceeds with the process. This hairstyle involves taking the loose strands of a low ponytail, flipping them upward into a hole created in the upper half, and securing them with a claw clip to achieve an elegant updo.

I really like the idea of this because I wear a lot of claw clips. A lot just happened there,

she says, to which Greenberg agrees but motivates her,

You can do this!

Cuoco initiates the process by gathering her hair into a low ponytail, then gently pulling it downward. She divides the lower part of her hair into two sections, with the bottom half being tucked up into the available space.

I’m scared,

she funnily mumbles.

With her hair set up for the next step, Greenberg instructs Cuoco to “roll up,” a command that Cuoco hurriedly echoes. Despite her best efforts to follow the instructions, Cuoco, known for her role in the Big Bang Theory, turns to Greenberg with a perplexed expression, indicating some confusion.

In a subsequent reference to the video, Greenberg continues to provide encouragement and support to Cuoco as they navigate the hairstyle challenge together.

You had it! Let’s go!

she yells.

Cuoco lifts her hair again to make sure it’s in the right position, and on this occasion, Greenberg steps in to lend a helping hand.

That might be a little George Washington vibes,

the makeup artist hilariously comments as the actress rolls the bottom of her hair up.

However, the Emmy nominee uses a claw clip to pin up all her hair, albeit with it being “a little loose.” To their surprise, the outcome isn’t as bad as they anticipated, leaving both Cuoco and Greenberg pleasantly surprised.

Greenberg inquires whether Cuoco can achieve a comparable result “without going through the entire process” shown in the influencer’s video. Cuoco proceeds to demonstrate a “really cool” technique she picked up on Instagram.

In this modified approach, Cuoco fashions her hair into a high ponytail. However, she forms a bun by refraining from wrapping her hair around the elastic one more time. Cuoco then separates the bun and flips the right side downward, securing it with a claw clip.

That’s perfect, that’s easy,

Greenberg says,

It’s not perfect,

Cuoco cutely states.

I feel like you created these before anyone ever wore them

and maybe they broke them down,

Greenberg puts forward her theory.

This is all my creations,

Kaley claims believing in her makeup artist.

Cuoco, then leans confidently against the mirror, one hand resting on the glass, sporting a satisfied smile as she admires her reflection.

I’m gonna keep trying everyone .

We can do this together 😂.

she wrote in her Instagram post when asked,

if they have another hairstyle ro recreate.