Emilia Clarke MCU Resurrection Has Been Spoiled By Marvel

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By Aquaman

Despite having known each other for more than 20 years on Earth, Skrull general Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) shoots G’iah (Emilia Clarke) at the end of Episode 3.

The Skrull newcomer played by Emilia Clarke was eliminated because she had been assisting her father Talos, making her a traitor and a member of the rebel coalition against the new Skrull authority.

Fans were shocked by the midseason death of the former Game of Thrones queen because it was her first appearance in the MCU and they had anticipated the star actress may participate in more MCU projects in the future.

Marvel Studio has Spoiled Resurrection of Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke's MCU Resurrection has already been spoiled by Marvel

Several scenes from promos for the MCU series dispute this death’s finality, despite G’iah’s heartbreaking conclusion in the most recent episode of Secret Invasion.

Based only on the conclusion of Episode 3, Skrull G’iah is shown with a fatal bullet wound close to her heart as Emelia Clarke’s presence fades.

Many other scenarios have been proposed as to how Emilia Clarke would rejoin the series. One marketing image of G’iah with blue energy encircling her is quite revealing.

Gravik’s ambitions to produce Super Skrulls with abilities like Groot’s branches and Aldrich Killian’s Extremis augmentation were verified in Episodes 2 and 3.

The picture that follows could show G’iah either after her “death” when she turned into a Super Skrull or before.

Another Secret Invasion clip featured G’iah finding a lab full of Skrulls in cocoons. They’re presumably intended to transform into Super Skrulls that would eradicate humanity from Earth’s surface.

Also absent from any episode of Secret Invasion is this close-up picture of Clarke. The blue coloring suggests that this crucial scene won’t be shown until Episode 4 or later.