Movie Review: Insidious: The Red Door 

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By Scarlet Witch

With each new installment of the Insidious franchise, there is a comforting sense of returning home, as it remains Blumhouse’s inaugural and fully original series.

After exploring the backstory of Lin Shaye’s character, Elise, in two prequel chapters, this sentiment of familiarity permeates Insidious: The Red Door. Marking his directorial debut, Patrick Wilson not only reprises his role but also brings the focus back to the Lambert family and their journey.

The Red Door gives the chance to confront the lasting impact of the previous films. By circling back to the Lamberts and delving deeper into their journey, this latest installment presents a thought-provoking experience that may be less nerve-racking but delves into the essence of those foundational Blumhouse movies.

Movie Review: Insidious: The Red Door 

The movie takes time after the interval of 9 years after the altered version end of Chapter 2. Josh and Dalton make the decision to erase their memories of the previous two movies and their supernatural abilities. While both of them can not recall any specific detail of the event, the trauma of the Lipstick-Face Demon has fractured their family.

The Final Verdict in Insidious: The Red Door

Movie Review: Insidious: The Red Door 

Insidious: The Red Door gives its audience a satisfactory end and ends the misery of Lambert’s family’s long nightmare journey into The Further. Thou there are no effective jump scares, the movie still keeps its promise of scaring with its quiet or rather creepy moments. The supporting cast of the movie deserved more attention and screen time, but the main leads of the movie played their part right.