Ms. Marvel Star, Iman Vellani Shares Her Favorite Issue of the New Comic Series

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By Iron Man

Within the recently debuted comic series “Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant,” an impending issue holds Iman Vellani in a state of eager anticipation.

In a realm where ink and imagination converge, Iman Vellani, a versatile luminary who graces both the MCU screen and the captivating pages of comic books, is on the brink of a revelatory journey. Within the rich narrative fabric of “Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant,” a specific chapter emerges, igniting a spark of anticipation within her – a spark she’s eager to share with the world.

In an exclusive dialogue with Nerds of Color, Vellani effervescently unveils that the third installment of her miniseries holds a unique resonance.”Amidst the intricate threads of storytelling we’ve woven, the third issue stands out as a personal favorite,” she candidly reveals. With a hint of intrigue, she invites readers to explore a realm where reality blurs and dreams beckon, where the echoes of a new identity reverberate within Kamala Khan‘s psyche.

“Kamala has been navigating a tumultuous sea of emotions since her revival in Krakoa,” Vellani muses, her voice laced with fascination. “Within these pages, we embark on a voyage through the corridors of her mind, peering into how the weight of her rebirth and the newfound mantle she bears have intricately molded the landscape of her consciousness.” The third issue, she explains, takes an audacious departure from reality’s confines, enabling her to conjure narratives that defy the boundaries of conventional existence.

The cover art for the comic book issue is a tantalizing tease of what’s to come-

Ms. Marvel Star Iman Vellani Shares Her Favorite Issue of the New Comic Series


  • Illustrated by CARLOS GÓMEZ and ADAM GORHAM
  • Cover designed by the visionary SARA PICHELLI
  • Scheduled for Release on October 25, 2023

Iman Vellani’s Insight into Ms. Marvel’s Journey

Vellani warmly commends the artistry embedded in the third issue, acknowledging it as a cornerstone of her excitement. “Adam Gorham, our artistic collaborator, has exceeded all expectations, breathing life into the visual facets of our narrative. It’s an aesthetic marvel that I’m thrilled for readers to experience,” she exclaims.

During her conversation with Nerds of Color, Vellani underscores the thematic significance of this specific issue. She artfully elucidates Kamala’s internal battles, emphasizing the necessity of exploring the aftermath of her resurrection to honor the character’s depth. “We intentionally avoided hastening into a ‘status quo’ scenario. Kamala’s evolution into a mutant constitutes a monumental shift, one that demands profound exploration. The temporal transition from the Hellfire Gala to our series provides a canvas to delve into her struggles, coping mechanisms, and the bonds that sustain her,” Vellani discloses.

Moreover, she delves into the nuanced pleasure of witnessing Kamala embrace her newfound identity.”Visualize a sixteen-year-old grappling with extraordinary transformations thrust upon her reality. It’s a voyage of discovery, observing her acclimate to a transformed existence adorned with a vibrant palette of emotions.”

Witnessing Ms. Marvel’s Evolution Unfold

With “Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant #1” already gracing comic book emporiums and digital platforms courtesy of Marvel Comics, the stage is impeccably set for readers to be ensnared by this unfolding narrative tapestry. The convergence of Iman Vellani’s acting finesse and literary dexterity breathes vitality into a world where dreams meld with actuality, and the evolution of identity transpires in captivating hues. As the release date of the third issue approaches, the anticipation mounts, promising an exploration of Kamala Khan’s essence that is visually captivating and emotionally evocative.