These 3 Missing Addams Family Members Could Be Included in Wednesday Season 2

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The enigmatic and eccentric Addams family is set to expand its quirky circle in Wednesday Season 2, as hinted by the cast members themselves. During Netflix’s TUDUM event in June 2023, lead star Jenna Ortega and her co-stars offered insights into potential new characters joining the ensemble, with a special focus on those iconic but absent family members.

Jenna Ortega, the captivating face behind the bewitching Wednesday, expressed her desire to introduce “Cousin Itt” to the mix. Alongside her, Emma Myers, Joy Sunday, and Hunter Doohan joined the speculation, suggesting that the enigmatic “Grandmama” might find her place in the upcoming season.

1. Cousin Itt

Wednesday Season 2 Could Introduce These 3 Missing Addams Family Members

One potential contender for a Season 2 cameo is the enigmatic “Cousin Itt.” A staple of the original 1964 Addams Family TV series, Itt stands as Gomez Addams’ peculiar cousin and a frequent visitor to the eerie Addams household. Itt’s distinct persona centers around floor-length blonde hair, often adorned with a bowler hat and round sunglasses. Mysteriously, Itt communicates through a high-pitched gibberish, exclusive to the family’s understanding.

Should Itt grace Season 2, an intriguing subplot involving the mischievous “Thing” could unfold. The notion of sending Itt to Nevermore Academy might arise, serving as a support system for Wednesday post the harrowing events of Season 1. Interestingly, Season 1 subtly nodded to Cousin Itt, featuring a painting of this eccentric figure within the Nightshades’ secret society basement. Could Itt’s deeper involvement be linked to a hidden history?

2. Grandmama

Grandmama(Eudora Addams), Pugsley and Wednesday’s mystical grandmother, emerges as another potential candidate for Wednesday Season 2. A seasoned witch, Grandmama specializes in crafting potions and casting spells. Given her recurring presence in the Addams mansion across various franchise iterations, it’s plausible that she remained off-screen during Season 1. With Wednesday’s return to the mansion, the opportunity arises to delve into the dynamic between Grandmama and Jenna Ortega’s captivating portrayal of Wednesday.

The showrunner’s anticipation of deepening the bond between Wednesday and Morticia further hints at the potential inclusion of flashback sequences spotlighting the relationship between Morticia and Grandmama. Much like Season 1’s exploration of a youthful Gomez and his wife, such glimpses into the past could enhance the narrative and emotional layers.

3. Pubert Addams

A prospect with substantial narrative potential is the introduction of Pubert Addams, the youngest brother of Wednesday and Pugsley, brought to cinematic life in 1992’s Addams Family movie. The sibling duo’s endeavor to rid themselves of Pubert due to envy forms a memorable subplot in the film. Remarkably, Season 1 left no breadcrumbs regarding Wednesday and Pugsley’s sibling situation. Could Season 2 unveil Morticia’s pregnancy or even capture the birth of Pubert, thus opening new avenues for character exploration?

Introducing Pubert would be a means to delve further into the intricate layers of the Addams family, exposing diverse facets as the family’s dynamics adapt to a new member. Such a revelation could provide an insightful dimension to the titular character portrayed by Jenna Ortega.

Wednesday Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.