New Batman Beyond Series from DC is announced

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In a brand-new Batman Beyond series, Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and artist Max Dunbar are returning to the Neo-Gotham universe.

Terry McGinnis experienced a lot in Batman Beyond: Neo-Year, and in Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic, he will learn about the perils that still exist in Old Gotham without the assistance of Bruce Wayne.

Following the disappearance of many children, Terry will travel to the ruins of Old Gotham with the aid of a splicer by the name of Kyle the Catboi, and who knows what they will discover once they there.

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New Batman Beyond Series from DC is announced

What Is In The Store For New Batman Beyond Series

“In Batman Beyond: Neo-Year, Terry McGinnis grieved the loss of his mentor and proved his authority as the only legitimate Batman by vanquishing the malevolent A.I. in charge of Neo-Gotham. However, this subsequent conflict would take place among the ruins of Old Gotham.

Children are going missing and being sucked up by the decaying bones of the metropolis. To discover the kids and confront the city’s hidden crimes, Batman Beyond will have to venture underground under the guidance of an enigmatic splicer by the name of Kyle the Catboi.

What happened to the city’s green space? Where has magic gone? What villains remained in the historical Gotham?

New Batman Beyond Series from DC is announced

Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic, which will be available in comic book stores and online on July 25th, will include covers created by Dunbar, Christian Ward, Ejikure, Belén Ortega, and Dike Ruan.

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