Scene-by-Scene Recap of Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer Leak!

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By Tony Stark

It was a calm August evening until one brave soul wanted to see the internet explode. Somehow. Someway. This anonymous hero lifted the long-awaited Spider-Man No Way Home trailer from the Sony vaults and set the internet ablaze. The trailer leak we’ve been waiting for. That’s right folks, we’ve got ourselves a 100% legit trailer for Spider-Man No Way Home. The internet is undefeated when it comes to getting its way. The Marvel community has been begging Marvel to give us a glimpse of this film. Unfortunately, all we received was mixed messaging and elusive drop dates. BUT! On August 22nd during the calm of the night, the trailer was leaked. I grabbed hold of it and played it over and over again. Here’s the complete trailer breakdown and plot summary of Spider-Man No Way Home. 

Act 1: Peter Parker’s World Is Falling Apart 

The trailer opens with M.J. and Peter lying on a rooftop listening to outlandish and inaccurate news stories about Spider-Man. According to the news, Spider-Man is in deep legal trouble for the death of Mysterio. Due to his Hollywood trickery, Mysterio has convinced the media that Spider-Man is a villain. Unlike Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, Spider-Man aka Peter Parker stands accused of murder. This misconstrued information has ramifications for all those associated with Peter. Peter wishes there was some way to undo all that’s happened and comes up with an idea. 

Act 2: Spider-Man Visits His Old Wizarding Buddy, Doctor Strange

The next part of the leaked trailer has Peter Parker arriving at the Secret Sanctum. This exchange between Dr. Strange and Peter Parker seemed like a weaker plot point, but he asks Dr. Strange if he can undo this identity mess. Dr. Strange’s disposition changed, and Wong quickly stresses to Strange not to use the mysterious spell. Apparently, the magic spell can transfer beings to other dimensions so that’s convenient. The magic spell identifies a timeline with the appropriate conditions and takes the casters to that dimension. Dr. Strange finds a dimension where no one knows the identity of Spider-Man. 

Act 3: Goblins, Octopuses, Electros! Oh My… 

The last 45 seconds of the trailer have Dr. Strange expositing about the dangers of messing with the multiverse (which he did as well). I believe Spider-Man uses his integrated Dr. Strange magic suit too many times resulting in multi-dimensional rifts. These rifts bring about some old fan favorites, Jamie Fox, Alfred Molina, and William Dafoe. We see Electro’s bolt of lighting, Green Goblin’s pumpkin bomb, and the tentacles of Doc Oc. 

That’s the full play-by-play recap of the leaked Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer! Sadly, there was no Andrew Garfield or Toby Maguire to be seen. I still think the trailer is a cause of celebration because it seems to be in the vein of the fan theories. Only time will tell whether we are getting our old Spider-Men, but I’m happy about what I’ve seen so far. Now Kevin Feige and Marvel need to grow a pair and drop an HD trailer for us.