Tom Hiddleston’s Most Romantic Moments

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By FilMonger

Does Tom Hiddleston lust for love as much as his Marvel character Loki lusts for power? But there’s no way of knowing how much the English actor actually identifies with the villain he plays on screen. He’s rather private about his personal life, and his caution stems from a brief but highly publicized relationship with Taylor Swift.

Hiddleston, 40, is not currently married and has never been married in the past. It’s quite a surprise that such an amazing, Cambridge-educated lad hasn’t tied the knot with anyone.

 he’s not averse to commitment. For the many rumored and confirmed relationships he’s had, Hiddleston has proven that he is capable of long-term dating. Let’s dive into the history of his love life.

In 2010, Hiddleston was linked to his Thor co-star Kat Dennings. The two were even pictured holding hands at that year’s Comic-Con, but neither ever went on the record about having a relationship.

 In 2012, reports surfaced that he was dating Zero Dark Thirty star Jessica Chastain. The two met at the BAFTAs (British Academy Film Awards) and bonded over their shared appreciation for Shakespeare.

That same year, Hiddleston co-starred with Elizabeth Olsen in the Hank Williams biopic I Saw the Light. Marvel fans were all for the idea of Loki and the Scarlet Witch falling in love in real life. But again, neither ever officially commented on the relationship. 

Since coming into the spotlight, Hiddleston has had two confirmed girlfriends: Susannah Fielding and Taylor Swift.

Hiddleston’s next relationship was short but definitely the most talked-about. In 2016, he was linked to Taylor Swift. What started with some innocent dancing at the Met Gala turned into an unexpected whirlwind romance.