Chrissy Teigen Shares “Behind-the-Scenes” Taco Night Pics With Family

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By Wanda

Chrissy Teigen loves taco nights just like you and I! On Friday, the author of the Cravings cookbook, 37, shared behind-the-scenes glimpses of her family’s Mexican-style dinner to start off the weekend.

Taco night! It’s taco night!

she rhythmically said in the video where she was browning some ground beef on the stove.

She then uploaded a snap of a cute dinosaur taco holder filled with two meat-filled tortillas, followed by a picture of the family’s dining area before everyone sat down to eat.

The dining table was filled with every sort of taco fixings, including refried beans, rice shredded lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and guacamole. There were also cocktails garnished with lime slices.

Teigen‘s 7-year-old daughter, Luna, was observed pulling a chair out for her at the table, while her brother Miles, 5, was playing with a friend in the background. The camera jokingly zoomed in to show what was showing on the TV while Teigen was arising a storm in the kitchen.

Below Deck,

the model explained Bravo reality shows.

Another clip finally showcased the loving family enjoying their meal. Teigen filmed everyone eating in delight, pausing on husband John Legend supposedly as he filled his taco shell.

In a cute moment, Teigen shared how her daughter Luna was a foodie, very much like her mother. She revealed a food-centric book that she had created for a school assignment.

Luna had to write a how-to book in school! If this ain’t my daughter!!!

the mother captioned the Instagram post of Luna explaining her project titled How To Make Ranch Dressing.

Today, I will teach you how to make ranch dressing,

Luna began to read from her hand-written assignment.

Step one, get buttermilk. Step two, get a medium-sized bowl. Step three, get mayonnaise, step four, get … a one-cup measuring cup,

she continued, adding,

Ranch dressing is something you use for salads.

Legend commented,

So proud!

Teigen later added to her caption hilariously saying,

I’m so proud I have instilled in her the knowledge that the only ranch is buttermilk ranch!