Top 10 Movies Ideal for Cute and Eerie Date Nights

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By Wanda

Horror movies are a perfect choice for date nights, as they pump up the heart. But it’s important to consider your partner’s preferences and the situation, as too much fear can ruin a romantic evening.

But we shouldn’t overdo the thrilling part. There are still plenty of films suitable for the occasion. These movies offer some exciting elements without being highly terrifying, and some also include details of romance. Here we’ve come up with a list of the top movies that are a little less frightening and a little more enchanting.

1. The Curse of Bridge Hollow, a 2022 release

Netflix’s The Curse of Bridge Hollow is a somewhat scary movie with paranormal elements, including a mischievous Jack-o-lantern that brings Halloween decorations to life and causes chaos in Bridge Hollow. However, it is considered relatively soft in terms of horror, making it suitable for couples looking for a mix of thrill and humor, particularly if they love Marlon Wayans and Halloween. The film revolves around an evil curse that transforms daily life into Halloween, adding an eerie holiday spirit to the story.

2. Scooby-Doo, a 2002 release

The 2002 live adaptation of the Scooby-Doo franchise is highly recommended for a date night. It perfectly transports the members of Mystery, Inc. out of the world of animation and brings them into reality by giving them real-world problems. Their differences cause the gang to split. It is these difficulties that make the movie perfect for a romantic occasion. The film is based on themes of redemption and forgiveness, sure to give the viewers some warm fuzzy feelings. Scooby-Doo captures the magic of the cartoons and riffs on pop culture, so it’s entertaining and fun despite dealing with ghosts and the paranormal.

3. Haunted Mansion, a 2023 release

Haunted Mansion, though not a conventional horror movie, is described as more terrifying than most, including scenes with jump scares. Despite its shocks, the film offers emotional warmth, making it a suitable choice for an intimate time, depending on the couple’s mood, as it has some soulful moments. The story revolves around two widowed protagonists, Ben Matthias starring LaKeith Stanfield, and Gabbie starring Rosario Dawson, brought together by a heavily haunted territory. Despite the spooky elements, the movie finally provides a satisfying and happy ending, which is likely to shed one or more tears.

4. Coraline, a 2009 release

Coraline is known to create suspense without being extensively thrilling. The movie has soft moments of peace but also intense and captivating scenes, primarily when the main character, Coraline Jones starring Dakota Fanning, discovers the true nature of The Beldam or Teri Hatcher. It doesn’t solely focus on romance but explores themes related to love, particularly devotion to family.

For couples with family and kids, Coraline is a suitable choice for a date night with children. However, it’s important to note that the movie can be a bit intense for some children, so parental inspection is advised.

5. Halloweentown, a 1998 release

Halloweentown is a beloved Disney Channel movie that combines spooky elements with a family-friendly storyline. It revolves around the adventures of Marnie Piper or Kimberly J. Brown, a witch raised as an ordinary child alongside her siblings, Sophie starring Emily Roeske, and Dylan starring Joey Zimmerman. Despite their mother’s attempts to provide a normal upbringing, their grandmother, Splendora Agatha Aggie Cromwell or Debbie Reynolds, has different plans.

The story takes a magical turn as the trio is transported to a magical world called Halloweentown, resided by various monsters. However, they discover that not everything is as it seems, and they must work together to defeat an evil creature’s plot to kidnap the town’s supernatural residents.

6. Ernest Scared Stupid, a 1991 release

Ernest Scared Stupid is a cult classic that appeals to fans of the horror genre looking for a mix of mild scares and humor. The film stars Jim Varney as the iconic Earnest P. Worrell, who fights a battle against an evil goblin with a sinister agenda. This goblin aims to steal children’s souls by transforming them into wooden figurines to replenish himself and his offspring.

What sets this movie apart is its weirdness, notably the use of one of the most bizarre movie weapons ever, Miak. Ernest’s character adds to the film’s charm, as he’s an underrated hero who is often perceived as the village madman by those around him.

7. Hocus Pocus, a 1993 release

Hocus Pocus is a recommended watch with a significant other, offering a slightly eerie but enjoyable experience. This Halloween-themed classic revolves around witches, a living human-flesh-bound book, a talking cat, a reanimated corpse, and a 300-year-old curse. It also explores various aspects of affection.

Despite its spooky elements, Hocus Pocus is suitable for all ages. The film maintains a lighthearted and lively atmosphere, with a few fantastic songs that can leave any couple enchanted by the warmth of the film.

8. The Nightmare Before Christmas, a 1993 release

The Nightmare Before Christmas is suggested as an ideal movie for the seasons of Fall and Winter, as it combines elements of both Halloween and Christmas. This unique blend creates a warm and heartfelt film, perfect for watching while snuggled up on the couch with a dear one.

More so, the movie is a musical that revolves around moving on from unrequited love and the characters are creepy yet cute, making it a lovely watch for viewers. It may not be a flawless film, but its wonderful ability to bring people together over sweet but dark tones is what truly matters.

9. Beetlejuice, a 1988 release

Beetlejuice, an ’80s movie centered around the afterlife, features romantic elements in its supernatural storyline. While Michael Keaton’s titular character, Beetlejuice, may darken the romance with his crude behavior, the love story of Adam or Alec Baldwin and Barbara Mailand or Geena Davis compensates for it. They are portrayed as a cute couple trying to explore their existence after an untimely demise.

Their love story adds depth to the film and makes Beetlejuice worth watching on a beautiful evening. Furthermore, the contrasting differences between Adam, Barbara, Charles (Jeffrey Jones), and Delia Deetz (Catherine O’Hara) contribute to the movie, as it includes elements of a romantic comedy, with two distinct couples representing different kinds of relationships.

10. The Addams Family, a 1991 release

For the ultimate date night movie experience, The Addams Family is the best choice. Gomez and Morticia Addams stand out as a prime example of a healthy relationship in pop culture. Their profound and mutual love, endless support, and complementing personalities make them an ideal couple to watch.

While every incarnation of The Addams Family portrays their relationship well, Raul Julia’s and Anjelica Huston’s portrayals of Gomez and Morticia hold a special place. Their dark yet devoted love is enchanting and inspiring, making viewers want a similar connection with their significant other. The Addams Family is a film that celebrates love in a heartfelt and fascinating way.